Retirement Income Planning

Five Step Planning Process

As our client's Advisor, we meld your goals, experiences, fears, dreams, likes, and dislikes with quantifiable fact to build a customized plan.


In this initial meeting, we ask you to tell us in detail about your financial life. Your goals and lifestyle. Risks and opportunities you foresee. We'll want to understand your personal characteristics - your strengths and your experiences, as well as areas in which we can support you. We'll review your documents and ask many, many questions to gain a deep understanding of your needs, wants, and goals.


We prepare plans and options to meet our client's needs and objectives. Prepare the potential allocations and develop a presentation strategy to help you make the best financial decision.


We present a detailed review of all the background information you provided us, so that you can validate its accuracy. This ensures a clear understanding of the assumptions we will use to move forward. Although this is a recap of information from our clients, it's often an eye-opening experience for them. In this work session, we outline a strategy for helping you to achieve your financial goals. We mold each plan to our client's suggestions.


At last, we begin the process of implementation by going over strategies, products, applications and disclosure/suitability forms. We explain time frames, the transfer process and review expectations.

Review & Adjust

Once your plan is in place, our service to you has just begun. We will continue to meet regularly, at your convenience, to review your progress, evaluate your current financial situation, discuss prevailing economic and market conditions, and consider any necessary adjustments. Our accessibility to your ongoing needs is only achieved by our focus on our select client base.

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